For Publishers

Do you have an existing webpage to publish adult content? We offer you a simple and battle-tested solution to earn money or to promote your content.

You will need a verified account to start. Right after the approvement we will provide you your personal code snippet to insert and you are ready to go!

What are the requirements of the verification?

We need your bank or paypal account to pay you every month. We also need your website's url. Please note that we check each registered websites many times a day (but we will never overhelm your server!).

What else do I need to start publishing?

Grab your personalized code, paste it right before the </body> tag and give some extra attributes to your existing or new <div></div> elements:

<div data-country="se" data-nth="1" data-tags="blonde,girl,stockholm"> </div>


Attribute Required? Function
data-country Yes Which country do you want show ads from
data-nth Yes To avoid showing the same creative multiple times, the zone's number is necessary. However you can do so if you want by giving the same "data-nth" value to many zones.
data-tags No Preferred keywords, for example city name (without accents, like stockholm or goteborg) or other properties. Handle it like you would do with hashtags.